Giving back to our planet

We are delighted to announce that BASIUM has joined efforts with the 'Sen Wellness Reforestation Project' in Sri Lanka to commit 5% of our revenue to the replanting of mangrove trees on the Rekawa Lagoon in an effort to support local families and the environment.

Sri Lanka is a place close to our hearts at BASIUM, as a place we have visited regularly and immersed ourselves in, while learning more of their ancient Ayurvedic rituals and culture.


Our Sri Lankan Project

  • We are committing 5% of our yearly revenue to plant 10,000 mangrove trees together with the Sen Wellness Reforestation Project

    Mangrove trees absorb three times more CO2 from the atmosphere than most other trees and they are native to this area, which also promotes biodiversity

    This project supports 50 local families who depend on the Rekawa Lagoon for a large part of their livelihood