1. Rose, used in aromatherapy as an aphrodisiac

100% organic
and natural ingredients

Our natural perfume and body oils are blended in a base of pure organic carrier oils which contain none of the harmful ingredients associated with mainstream perfumery. 

Made with a combination of the most pure essential oils, absolutes and Co2 extracts, all of our ingredients are derived from flowers, leaves, stems, wood, roots, seeds, resins and are wild harvested whenever possible.​ While our face mask is created from only organically sourced ingredients.

    Why do we choose organic?

    • What's good for the earth is good for the body.
    • Organic skin care doesn’t affect wildlife and enhances bio diversity.
    • It reduces fossil fuel consumption.
    • The skin is our largest organ, and absorbs 80% what we apply on it.
    • Organic skin care is nutrient-rich.

    Regenerative Sandalwood

    Santalum Spicatum

    In the past years the demand for sandalwood oil has grown rapidly due to its cosmetic and therapeutic value, which has led to a significant over harvesting problem around the world of naturally occurring wild sandalwood trees. Irresponsible harvesting practices has left sandalwood on the brink of extinction, however in recent years there have been new regulations imposed to support regeneration practices.

    With this in mind, we searched for alternatives and partnered with the native Martu and Wongi regions from Australia's Central Gibson Desert where sandalwood is endemic to the region, to use sustainably harvested Australian sandalwood oil from trees only found on the forest floor.

    Harvesting dead sandalwood represents the natural life cycle of a native tree which can be anywhere between zero and a hundred years of age. This technique allows all parts of the sandalwood tree to be used which makes this one of the first sustainably sourced sandalwood oils. The deadwood profile is described by many as being sweeter and richer.

    Native Australian sandalwood tree
    1. Native Australian sandalwood tree
    Driving through the Australian outback
    2. Driving through the Australian outback

    Our mission

    Understanding how our ingredients are sourced and creating meaningful relationships with the communities at the origin of our oils is what BASIUM is striving to achieve.

    Our hope is to continue to meet, learn and support those who are providing us with all of our special and delicate ingredients in the years to come.

    Homegrown Ylang Ylang in Tahiti
    1. Homegrown Ylang Ylang in Tahiti
    Creating from home
    2. Creating from home

    Our blends contain

    • No parabens
    • No additives
    • No artificial fragrances
    • No artificial colours
    • No synthetic chemicals
    • No GMO
    • No animal testing
    • No mineral oils, PEGs or silicones

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