In conversation: Nature over Noise: A Visual Journey

November 24, 2023

This Black Friday, we at BASIUM invite you on a different kind of journey—one that moves away from the overwhelming noise of sales and consumerism, into the serene embrace of the natural world. 

We invite you to embrace the outdoors, reconnect with your senses and rediscover the calming essence of nature. In the spirit of this philosophy, we present a visual journey that is less about words and more about creating a visual respite from the relentless digital bombardment. Join us on a visual escape into nature, where each image is a portal to tranquility and contemplation.

“Hyper-consumerism stands as one of the most significant threats to our planet. Flash sales, with their urgency and allure, can lead to hasty, fear-driven purchases. At BASIUM, we champion informed decision-making over impulsive buying, and believe deeply in the power of education, reflection and thoughtful consideration,” explains Constanze Saemann, founder of BASIUM.





Quick Guide to Sensory Connection in Nature

As we conclude our visual journey through nature, we offer you a simple yet profound practice to deepen your connection with the natural world. Here's a step-by-step guide to engage all your senses and fully immerse yourself in the outdoor experience:

  1. Look: Observe the varying colours, shapes and movements around you. Notice the little details and the vast landscapes.
  2. Listen: Close your eyes and focus on natural sounds. The rustle of leaves, the chirp of birds, the whisper of the wind.
  3. Touch: Feel the textures of nature. The bark of a tree, the smoothness of a stone, the brush of grass under your hands.
  4. Smell: Inhale deeply and identify the different scents of the outdoors – the earth, plants, and the freshness of the air.
  5. Taste: If safe, taste a natural element like a berry. Notice the flavours of the environment, even through the air.
  6. Reflect: Take a moment to absorb the experience, combining all your senses. Appreciate the peace and connection this brings.

This quick sensory exercise can deepen your connection with the natural world, offering a more mindful and enriching outdoor experience.

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