In conversation: Lary Mueller guides us on a journey through the Black Forest, evoking dreams of the fragrant forest floor

October 5, 2023

Nestled in the heart of the Black Forest, Lary Mueller has been living in this leafy paradise for nearly three years now. What captivates her most is the ubiquitous moss that blankets the forest floor year-round, creating a harmonious blend of crisp, earthy, green notes. There's nothing like strolling barefoot to a babbling brook, every step like a little nature massage. It's the evergreen embrace of the forest that truly captivates. Here, she finds tall spruces, pines, and firs standing tall, their needles a constant reminder of the timeless beauty of this special place. It's a lush sea of green that, she comes to believe, holds a healing power all its own.



In this sanctuary, she comes to experience the seasons in their purest, most vibrant form.

After years of fleeting encounters with nature, she now witnesses the seamless ebb and flow of life happening around her



Each passing week heralds a new spectacle, from the emergence of currants to the graceful unfurling of ferns.

Blooms burst forth, leaves cascade in a golden cascade, and mushrooms emerge in a magnificent array of shapes and colours.

Autumn, in particular, is a grand celebration.

A woodland stroll becomes akin to wandering through an art gallery, each mushroom a masterpiece in its own right.







Amidst this ever-evolving symphony of life, she stands as humble witness and active participants.
She revels in the cycle of growth and decay, finding a profound sense of unity with every leaf that falls and every mushroom that graces the forest floor.



It's a dance that transcends time, a ballet of existence that leaves her forever changed.

In the embrace of the Black Forest, she found not only a home but a deeper connection to the pulsing heartbeat of nature itself.


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