In conversation: Capturing beauty: Mallorca through Joanna Halpin's lens

August 7, 2023

Enter the world of Joanna Halpin as she takes us on a journey to Mallorca through her lens, capturing the essence of nature, light and the raw beauty of authentic moments. Discover how nature ignites her creativity, scent serves as a bridge to nostalgic memories, and how Basium's fragrances are an integral part of her daily ritual.









You took these photographs on the magical island of Mallorca. How much inspiration do you take from your surroundings? I take so much inspiration from my surroundings – I’m drawn to golden light, sunset, natural elements, and an organic, observational way of shooting. I love observing people interacting and being in their surroundings and trying to capture the mood and essence of situation.

Shooting in nature or in a beautiful location can awaken many of the senses. How important is this for your creativity? Really important, I am always drawn to (what I perceive) as beautiful places whether this is within nature or interiors. Being surrounded by beauty and curating a space brings me so much joy and this consequently makes me feel inspired to be creative. I think I am very sensitive to spaces and light and the feeling that a place has.

Scents evoke memories. How do they connect to your nostalgic moments? When a scent trigger a memory for me I’m always amazed at how powerful and instantaneous it can be to transport me to a different place and time. It’s a very special bitter-sweet feeling when it can bring back a deceased grandparent or fond memory from youth.

Do nostalgic memories impact your photos, or do you focus on the presentI can definitely lean towards nostalgic and melancholic moods and sometimes I think this ‘moodiness’ can come across in my photos. But my process is generally very much in the moment and capturing something beautiful I’ve noticed rather than trying to re-creating an idea or memory.

Does scent play a role in your yoga or meditation practice? If I’m practising in a studio that uses essentials oils in a diffuser or incense it always makes the class that little bit more enjoyable for me, and I love it when a teacher lights Palo Santo at the end of class or gives a little shavasana massage using oils. At home, I will always light an incense just before I start meditating – it’s such a simple nice extra way to signify the practice.

How do you incorporate Basium into your daily ritual? I incorporate Basium with joy and gratitude – since receiving your beautiful oils I have been using them daily and have fallen in love with the scents; they are so rich and grounding and I love how they smell a little differently on everyone.


MORNING RITUAL: My partner and I have started a ritual where we read a couple of pages of a book together in bed each morning. This has become such a special, beautiful way to start the day together, sharing this moment together and thinking and discussing what we learn. No matter how busy or separate our days may be, we have had this sacred time together. Also coffee, movement and meditation.

EVENING RITUAL: Yin yoga, herbal tea and if I’m feeling restless a sleep meditation

CURRENTLY READING/ LISTENING/ WATCHING: Getting Lost by Annie Lennox, The Big Ship by Brian Eno

MOVING TOWARDS: Composting. I've just started doing this for my garden and it’s bringing me so much happiness and satisfaction.

All images taken by Joanna Halpin.

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