In conversation: Emily Rose Klein shares her favourite wellbeing places in California with us

July 19, 2021


Star sign: Aries

What’s a beauty product that you could not live without? Body Oil & Eyebrow Brush

Do you have a stress management technique? Sound Healing is powerful. Whenever I am feeling off, I’ll go to a Sound Bath or listen to one at home. It is the perfect reset.

What’s your favourite scent? Fresh herbs like basil along with earthy, woody incenses

Favourite Tea: Fresh Ginger in Hot Water with Lemon

Favourite Essential Oil: Pacific – It smells like the ocean and fresh basil combined                                                                                                                                             
Favourite Plant: Cacao Tree

Favourite Place on Earth: The Ocean


What does a typical day look like for you? 

Every day is different! My morning rituals are very grounding and important to me, which I’ll share more about below.

But each day begins with a hike in my backyard. Since moving to Topanga Canyon, I have hiked nearly every morning, which I am so grateful for as it has truly elevated my well-being. Sometimes I’ll listen to a podcast or most of the time I leave my phone behind and just listen to nature. The trail in our backyard is so beautiful. There is usually no one on it, it is a real-life dream full of peace and quiet. 

My workday often begins with emails. Then I’m either onto creating content for my clients, playing around with new vibrant recipes, working on new objects, collaborations or projects for my lifestyle company, COLOURS. Recently, I’ve been consumed with working with artists from around the world on custom objects which I cannot wait to share soon! 

Depending on the day, I’ll go to a local Biodynamic Farm in Malibu and pick up my produce for the week! It’s called Malibu Fig Ranch, and everything is biodynamic. They have unique produce that I can’t normally find at my local market so it’s really special! I eat fruits first thing every morning and they always have Passion Fruit and Dragon Fruits, etc.  

In the evening, as the sun has been setting later, I’ve been watching the sun go down at the beach (which is just a quick trip down the canyon) or from our house as it falls right behind the mountains. I’ll cook dinner with my love in the evenings. Then I like to create my schedule for the next day which keeps me feeling organized. I am a huge list person.


What is your background? And what inspired you to create COLOURS?

My background is in fashion, wellness and marketing. Growing up, I worked for many different brands and creative studios, assisting with consulting, creative direction, styling, content creation, and the list goes on. This is where I really dove into the creative fashion world. I have always been deeply inspired by my passionate and entrepreneurial parents. I grew up being very close to my mom and always admiring her unique style, I would assist her with her work in the fashion world and eventually her beautiful coastal lifestyle boutique. This, along with my fascination with my dad’s wellness journey, formed me into who I am today, passionate about fashion and well-being. My Dad shared his personal health journey with me and has since created his own brand to share his love for organic eating with the world. Struggling with health issues in his early life, he transformed his lifestyle through eating foods from the Earth. Years ago, I personally found myself just feeling a bit off. Having health struggles like anemia, food sensitivities, anxiety, and digestion issues, it left me curious as to why. I then decided to look deeper into my daily lifestyle and fell in love with nurturing my well-being. As I have found balance in my own life through mindfulness and subtle lifestyle changes, I’ve passionately shared my practices with my loved ones surrounding me. 

This is what inspired me to create COLOURS. COLOURS is a mix of it all. COLOURS is inspired by the colors in nature, my travels, the natural textures in California, warmth, balance, energy, happiness, sunshine, mindfulness. COLOURS is a way of everyday living. COLOURS is a feeling. 

I always been especially captivated by the colors encountered in our everyday lives–within garments, fruits, vegetables, flowers, interiors, sunsets, and even simple objects. I have always been drawn to color–how it changes when the sunlight hits it, how it evokes different emotions, and how it brings everything to life.

How do you see COLOURS expanding in the future? 

Since COLOURS is a mix of all my passions, I have so many ideas for expansion! But my hope is to continue to create and share with intention, and to create objects that my recipes can be served on while bringing warmth to any space. I hope to continue to collaborate with like-minded artists from around the world on unique objects to elevate one’s everyday life. Eventually, I would love to have a real-life space where we can serve Cacao Elixirs, eat Turmeric Macadamia Butter on toast all day long, and shop COLOURS products. This has always been a dream of mine!


What’s your favourite place in California and what makes living in California special?

Oh my gosh picking just one favorite place in California is tough! I actually just got home from Palm Springs and I feel so refreshed. The desert mountains are healing. I feel so fortunate that it is only a two-hour drive away. What I love about California is that the exploring is endless. I still have a whole list of road trips I want to take just within the state. More favorites are Big Sur, Yosemite National Park, Malibu and the entire coast of California. Ah, I smile just thinking about it because I really do live in a special place. 

Your favourite Store in California? (for Vintage/Clothing, Food, Beauty& Skin Care Products)

Without a doubt, Erewhon Market! This place is heaven on Earth. It’s filled with fresh organic produce, a gourmet café, Tonic & Juice Bar, all of the skincare products I use daily, herbs, dark chocolate, the list goes on. It’s a one-stop shop.


Where do you go for inspiration?

I am always inspired by nature and since living amongst it I feel ten times more inspired in my daily life. Especially, the reddish orange rock elements in nature. Alexander Girard’s use of color has always been a big inspiration to my love for color. Especially his work for La Fonda del Sol, the restaurant in New York, which opened back in 1960. There were sun faces in vibrant colors on everything from the menus to the tablecloths. The colors and textures of the Mediterranean, specifically Ibiza. The colors from the foods I eat are a constant inspiration. The different feelings that come with color inspire the way I dress and fill my home. The artists that I work with inspire me every day. The warm colors within sunsets, sunrises and flowers. The vibrance from the sun. Inspiration is everywhere.



What makes you feel beautiful? 

Beauty begins within. Feeling healthy makes me feel beautiful. When I am taking care of myself properly, getting enough sleep, meditating, and living a life full of passion is when I feel the most beautiful.

What is your go-to when you’re feeling not that great? 

Taking some time off from work (and my phone) to just be. It’s so important when creating, that the energy flows and feels right, so if I’m not feeling my best, I take a step back. If it’s sunny out, a day spent at the beach laying in the sun and swimming in the ocean always cures all.



Can you tell us about your beauty & wellness routines? 

Yes! Back to my morning rituals. Here is how my morning goes: It begins with splashing cold water on my face, tongue scraping, lots of filtered water, a meditation, journaling/ gratitude and then I enjoy my morning sunlight (Vitamin D and movement are always a must for me) so I go for a hike. I feel extremely grateful to be able to do this as it has really shifted my well-being. Post hike, I have a bowl of vibrant fruits. I have been having only fruits/ greens in the morning for over a year now and I feel so much brighter and clear, it’s very easy on digestion. I also make my beloved Cacao Elixir (I don’t drink coffee; it’s been almost two years and I have never felt better). After this I’ll dry brush and take a cold shower. I apply my products inspired by the Earth (OSEA Malibu) on my face. Then I’ll dab BASIUM’S Flora Perfume Oil on my wrist and neck, I love beginning my day with it. This scent is so powerful and uplifting. My morning rituals keep me feeling grounded and I go to bed every evening looking forward to these small pleasures. 

My beauty and wellness routines go hand in hand. I have created a life surrounded by small rituals that bring me joy throughout the day. In the evening I keep it a bit simpler, but I always take magnesium in water to relax my mind. I’ll do BASIUM’S Terra Face Mask 1-2 times a week. It’s a nourishing treat that leaves my skin glowing.

Can you share your favourite colourful recipe with us? 

My Turmeric Macadamia Butter is always killer on toast.

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